Dear southern Arizona lupus patient,

You are invited to attend an online lupus support group. These groups provide the opportunity to connect with and support each other, discuss timely topics like problems obtaining prescription refills, telemed experiences with your doctor’s office, and coping mechanisms you find helpful during the isolation. Any lupus patient may participate, regardless of location. To participate in this meeting, you will need to have a free Zoom account, which can be created here:

You will also need a computer with a microphone and camera, or a smart phone with the Zoom app installed.

To participate, log in to your Zoom account. Select “join meeting” and enter the following ten digit meeting room number:


Or click on this link:

You will be taken to the meeting room. Make sure your computer audio and camera are operational and turned on, if applicable. The moderator will admit you to the meeting and will facilitate. This will be an open format lupus support group. We hope you benefit from the experience!

Please direct any questions to Tyler at:


The Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona

Online Southern Arizona Lupus Support Group