LFSA is Here to Assist You...

The Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona (LFSA) is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for persons with lupus in the southern Arizona community. LFSA stands ready to assist those newly diagnosed with lupus, existing patients needing more information about the disease, providing patients with tools and resources to help them become better self-advocates, as well as connecting and assisting caregivers, loved-ones and friends of patients with lupus.  LFSA offers support through its many programs, support groups, individual counseling/support as well as group counseling/support.  The Foundation’s comprehensive Lending Library is available for anyone wishing to further educate themselves on their disease.  LFSA has myriad additional resources and referrals with the capacity to provide tailored information and references for each patients’ particular needs – all with the ultimate goal of keeping patients informed and educated.

LFSA Office

The Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona is located in central Tucson at 4602 East Grant Road, just ½ block west of Swan directly across the street from Applebee’s. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Phone 520-622-9006 or toll free 877-622-9006.  LFSA’s knowledgeable and compassionate staff, Luci Ponticelli and Carson Moran, are available to assist the southern Arizona lupus community’s needs.

Get Support from our Local Groups

Tucson Support Group

Living with Lupus Support Group

Held on 3rd Wednesdays monthly at 10AM in the Lupus Office, at 4602 E. Grant Road. Each month you will have an opportunity to share your feelings and questions the other group members in a relaxed atmosphere. Light refreshments are always available. Please call the office at 622-9006 if you would like to attend.

Coffee Talk

Join us for an open-forum, casual discussion of Lupus-related topics. This group is open to anyone who has Lupus, knows someone with Lupus, or wants to learn more about Lupus. The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month from 6 to 7:30 PM at the Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona Office on 4602 East Grant Road in Tucson.

LFSA Programs - Coffee Talk

LFSA Programs - Coffee Talk

Bi-lingual Support

Available Wednesday-Friday at the Foundation located at 4602 E. Grant Road in Tucson or calling LFSA at 520-622-9006 or toll free 877-622-9006.  After-hours bi-lingual support is provided by Alicia Merrell at 520-327-0727 or Lilly Depka at 520-296-7773.

Tucson After-Hours Support

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with lupus and cannot contact our office during business hours, the following list of supportive patient volunteers are here to assist you after hours:

Virginia Vasquez 520-751-0548
Sue Tretter 520-298-7460
Rebecca Shields 520-975-2456
Lani Baker 520-256-7286
Sharon Joseph 303-594-3432
Tracy Epstein 520-820-8223